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This letter/order is primarily intended as an apology, Please read the whole thing, I have never sent anyone a letter like this in my life, and I never expected that I would ever have to.


My little brother recently bought a Baker from you,  I told him he was gonna get ripped off and not to trust you. I had seen some of the nasty comments on the blogs and I figured where there is smoke there has to be fire.


My brother is a stubborn little SOB and he went ahead and sent you $1.300.00 of his lawn-mowing money and allowance money. He neglected to tell me that he ordered it, He told me later that he had your personal assurance that he could return it if he didn't like it.


My brother loves the guitar, you need not fear him returning it.    Guess what I want to buy one myself !


When I saw his guitar a gorgeous green 10 top with gold hardware and the fastest painted neck I have ever played. I was really surprised, I own 2 Les Pauls a PRS and Gibson 335 among others.


I couldn't  believe how much better my brother's  Baker is than my best guitar, a 1999 PRS custom 22. It plays so much faster and so much smoother.  I experimented with the guitar & amp.  I set the PRS up to sound as good as I could get it. Then I simply switched the jack into the Baker.  The difference was astounding.  I'm not exaggerating The difference was absolutely astounding.  Clearer, Crisper, Louder, Cleaner, Ballsier, Creamier, & Much More Sustain. I am a true believer.


Not only does this Baker sound better than all four of my other guitars, it's lighter and easier to hold. It also cost less, much less, than any other one of my other guitars. I play in a band here in Philly called "Hogan's Hero's"  not a great name but the lead singer looks just like Hulk Hogan and he does an amazing imitation of him. We  play 3 to 4 nights a week and I would consider us a very financially successful band,  I also have about 15 students and I will recommend one of these to all of them.


Enclosed my personal check for $1,475.00  I want a blue Quilted one with Seymour Duncan  59 Pickups a Buzz Feiten System, Tone Pros Bridge and Hard Shell Case.


You may use this letter on your website and if you ever need to use me as a referral, I would consider it a privilege to do so.


Roland Brocius

Lancaster PA.


Follow Up Letter From Roland - about 2 weeks later, January of 2007




I just found out why you are getting the negative press on the Baker's  I got the whole story from my brother,  Sound's to me like you are getting a real raw deal.  My brother lives in Cyberspace, he is the King of Blogs and he says he saw through all the negative press.  I have been reading some of your rants, and I tend to agree with you on almost everything I read.  You sound like one of the few real honest to goodness No BS people left on this planet. I applaud you and I'm going to listen more to Ted Nugent now based on what you are saying.


Anyway,   This is what I heard


1, You bought the company in good faith at a bankruptcy auction back in 2003 or so.


2, Gene Baker gets upset with you because you ended up with his name, and you lowered the price so much it didn't make him look good.


3, So him and his little group of $#I%HE@D$  post all this untruthful BS on the internet. 


4, I also heard that all the original old $4,000.00 Baker guitars were made with C&C machines, I heard they tried to pass them off as handmade.  I heard you exposed them for that, they don't like you because you lowered the price and offered more for the money.


5, I have recently been made aware that Guitar Center owns Harmony Central.  How can anyone believe anything on that forum.  What a joke that is.


My band is playing in Vegas in September,  We have 2 full weeks at the Excalibur,  I can't wait to meet you and shake your hand.  By the way the Baker is everything that my brother's is, Except,  I like his Green better than my blue.  But I didn't want to buy a green one cuz he already had that color.  Oh well  sigh .


Oh yeah,  these guitars stay in tune better than my Les Pauls or my PRS.   would you consider trading them in on a Quicksilver or maybe a Maximus.


I will never buy a guitar from anyone else again. Ed Roman is my guitar guru.





Hello Roland

I can't comment on your statements totally, but whoever told you what you heard seems to have a pretty firm grasp on what happened.  The negative publicity has hurt a little I guess.  But all publicity whether it be positive or negative is always good.   I have sold 6 times as many Bakers as Gene Baker did in the 10 years he was in business. 


Maybe I'm a little crazy,  but I like the controversy. I like to stir the pot. I like to make people stop and think and I love it when someone like yourself gets converted. I've been in this crazy business 33 years and I've done pretty well for myself.  I've had some setbacks and I'm sure I will have some more. But I love guitars,  I love guitar people, and the truth always shines through eventually. I have witnessed that hundreds of times over the years, but thanks for your concern. I sincerely appreciate you and your brother's business. I'm looking forward to meeting you when you are in town and I'm looking forward to checking out your band.


Your brother is a sharp kid. He is not easily fooled. I like his attitude. I wish he lived in Vegas. I'd love to hire him for the shop. He sounds like he would really do well in there.


Rock Till You Drop


Ed Roman



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